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Oil paint - any brand that you are used to working with
Colors - bring what you like, but I'd like to be sure you have at least:
Warm red - Cadmium red light
Cool red - Alizarin crimson
Warm yellow - Cadmium yellow light or medium 
Cool yellow - Yellow ochre or raw sienna
Warm blue - Cobalt blue
Cool blue - Ultramarine blue
Permanent Orange
Permanent Green Light
Viridian Green
Naples Yellow
Tube of :
White - Flake white or Titanium white
Raw umber
Burnt umber
Ivory black
If you have some painting and color mixing experience and you would
like to bring some other colors, such as Permanent Rose,
or some of the transparent colors such as Indian Yellow or Transparent 
Orange, that will be fine with me.
Other colors you will find on my palette:
Holbein's Greenish Yellow, Holbein's Violet Grey, Holbein's Yellow Grey,
Gamblin's Phthalo Turquoise & Dioxazine Purple, Rembrant's Greenish Umber, and Winsor & Newton's Olive Green, Yellow Ochre and Cadmium Lemon

Painting medium of your choice
Bristle Brushes - Filberts or flats in several sizes, such as #2,#4, #6, #8 or #10 
Rags - something soft, like pieces of an old t-shirt 
Paper towels
Portable easel with palette 
Several stretched canvases, gessoed masonite panels or canvas boards in 12x16, 11x14 or 9x12. Have at least 6 panels of some sort with you and you may want more.

 Palette knife 
Odorless paint thinner and container to use for cleaning brushes
If you are flying in, I'll have paint thinner. Just bring a jar with a lid.
If possible...a small folding table for your palette and brush cleaner container.

Note: We have several fine art supply stores here in Taos, and you will be able to purchase
anything else you might need or forget to bring. 

Recommended reading: The Art Spirit by Robert Henri